What Do You Want?

You asked me remember
I wasn’t expecting roses and a horse drawn carriage
In fact I thought we were just going to a movie
So if you want to be just friends
why couldn’t I invite anyone else,
and why did you insist on picking me up?
And if you wanted to make an impression
You shoulda shown up on time
And then you get me door?
If you wanted it to be more than this
Why’d you forget your wallet?
And make me pay for it?
Why’d you put the armrest down?
And Why didn’t you just give up when we missed the first movie?
How did you have money for your meal but not mine?
And why did you tell me about that last girl?
Why couldn’t you tell me you weren’t interest?
And why’d you let me catch your eyes on her assets?
When you took my home, why did you walk me to the door?
And when my father asked you in, you followed?
What did you want?


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