Wardrobe Doors

I’ve lived under the sea!
On the sand floor with anemones and flounders.
No, it’s not a snow storm or a merry ferry ride.
Yes I dreamt of fairies’ wings,
And pigtails bouncing by.
No, it’s not a child’s story to help them fall asleep,
because I fear Peter Pan will listen ‘neath the windowsill
And I’ve seen the second star on the right and it’s just a star,
and morning comes to soon.
So don’t believe in mermaids!
Or ask for bees to keep!
Because honey’s only sweetest in between our hours of sleep.
And taxes wait until payday to whisk it all away.
Its oblivion, and we hide it beneath our pillows.
For years soak up our pain and aches,
And sunrise brings repeats
But we walk past the rocking old lady who is knitting by and by.
And knows the timeless tales,
and waits to let us in
Because she made us chocolate cookies
And has many rooms to play hide-and-go-seek.
But only 5 or 6 of us have found the wardrobe door,
that leads to happy endings and smiles forevermore.


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