Light Up my World

You light up my world,
Hidden parts of my heart.
Streaming from every hole, cave and grotto.
Dissecting skeletons for science,
it’s not alive silly

And planting annual flowers around the cemetery to feed their souls.
You eat the darkness to fill your belly.
And lightdrops rain from your eyes.
Veins, arteries surging from your toes lightning.
Coursing, raging, roaring into my microscopic mitochondria.
Filling, soaring higher and higher to cloud 9 and warming my chilled spine

The rollercoast never stops
It maybe just slows to stargaze
And you cage the falling star and feed it oranges.
“It burns strongest from the sour flavor.” You whisper, with a wink and laugh.

Your grasping fingers pull me toward the sparkling sea.
Follow the sunset it leads to the king


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