He Doesn’t:

think I am something special
wonder at my painting on the wall
ask how my day went after work
say you look beautiful in that red dress
touch me in places that mean anything
hold my hand on walks downtown
massage soarness out my shoulders
brag about my degree at dinner parties
compliment the haircut a got a week ago
invite me to go with him to the store
buy me a card just because
remember my drink order at starbucks
celebrate my birthday with cake, candles and presents
clean out the car after an exhausting day
do the dishes after a three-course meal
vaccum when I am sick in bed
try to find out my favorite book or movie of all time
tune into stories of my childhood or family
share his circle of friends
let me into his deepest thoughts
want me to know when he cries
tell me what he needs
bare his secret self, the marrow in his bones
trust I will protect his innermost being
wait to know my hidden pieces
keep company at my side
know me
and he won’t


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