Things I will tell my Children

You can’t make everyone happy, or changing the thermostat each time one of your guest mentions they are to hot or to cold.
Futile, look not to people for identity
Only God can give you your true name
After you receive it, chase after it as though running a race
Your home is not on this earth
Our world’s success is good but heavenly meaningless
And stand firm, for the devil is like a lion prowling, to devour you
But remember people do well if they can
So hold hands, wipe tears, and lift up
We are the only Christ some will ever know
And soak in the beauty painted by the hand of God
Find view points, look for the bottom of the waterbodies, and watch the shape He created us
You have a paper thin glass heart it will break many times
But if you let Him, the Master Workman, will put it back together over and over
And there is magnificant power in your soul song
It will spring forth to bring you home, in the dark deserted depths
It resonates with music and worship so remember them in despair
Your time here may not seem it but is only a blink, and Home is heaven eternity with your Abba


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