Crushing: The Agony In Unknown

I am a crazy person
Checking every 5 minutes
Did he read my message?
Has he seen it!?
Why was he online twice without reading it?
Maybe he is talking to someone else
Maybe he isn’t interested in me
Maybe he is ignoring me
Maybe he thinks I am annoy
Oh he saw it
And I am waiting for a response
And waiting
And waiting . . .
Why isn’t he respond?
Is “How are you?” A difficult question to respond to?
How much do you have to think about that?
Maybe he is trying to blow me off
Maybe he wants to let me down easy
Maybe he forgot he looked at that message
Maybe he is playing video games
I should drop this
I should let it go
I can’t help it
I want to know
And it’s exciting but nerve racking
Who invented pre-romance, flirting, crushing?
It’s frustrating
I wish I could take it back


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