When My Mind Finds Itself To You.

When my mind finds itself to you
It wonders
At your profession, pastimes, passions, & pains.
Are you exceeding expectations and persisting when others would give up?
Did you pull out the cookbook last night and flip through the pages?
Did you watch a western or documentary off Netflix before falling asleep?
It wonders about when we finally meet.
Will you want to fill my empty spaces?
Are we going to celebrate monthly anniversary like middle schoolers?
Will you remember my favorite coffee order and bring it to me on a rough day at work?
It wonders about holidays & birthdays.
Do you have thanksgiving traditions to teach me and do you pray before the meal?
Will you kiss me under the mistletoe and chop down a Christmas tree?
Are you a fan of surprise parties and gifts wrapped up with a bow?
It wonders at your faith and leadership
Do you read the Word and share your thoughts with me?
Will you sing His praises at the top of your lungs in the forest by the stream?
Are we going to commit to community week after week after week?
Then my mind finds itself back to reality.


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