If You Only Knew; An Unrequited Love Story

I’ve been staring into the depth of your eyes for 5 minutes.
I am sure you haven’t noticed, you continue your story about last weekend.
I am hanging onto the little things,
the smile when you see me across the room,
how you greet me and send me off with a hug.
Such sweet compliments mingling with my thoughts.
I am stuck between my feelings and your friendship.
How was I to know it would get so hard to carry a love unreturned.
I tug along this weight, watching a breeze slightly ruffle your hair and shirt.
I hold the ache and wish for your hand in mine.
You tell me how hard it is to be alone, how hard it is to wish for someone and not have it.
You said we couldn’t!
you said we shouldn’t!
You said it was not the right timing.
And I have stayed a faithful friend.
Always caring along the longing of what could have been.
Would you have been the embrace against my tears?
Would we chase God together?
Would we make each other grow?
Would our kisses be sweet like honey? Each one somehow more?
An overwhelming care, I grip this love unrequited.
When did you become so dear to me?
When did you burrow into the depths of my heart?
Why do my prayers begin and end with your name?
So you tell me of your weekend, and your plans.
And I listen, and I share.
My eyes screaming, will you ever see?


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